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    Battery going flat

    Hey my gp1200r 2000 battery will not keep it's charge for more that a day or so it is only two months old and I have discorteced the power cable motor but still goes flat what could be draining the battery

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    Did you leave the radio on? Ok, just the battery will lose its charge even when disconnected?

    When you charge it up say all day on trickle, whats the voltage? Have you put a volt meter on it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 66V View Post
    ...I have discorteced the power cable motor...
    What exactly did you disconnect?

    One of the cables that directly bolts onto the battery posts, or something else?

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    Yeah it was the power vavle motor that was stay on but I was thinking there is something eles draing the battery

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    Just disconnect one of the cables directly from the battery and see what happens. If it dies in couple days then is a bad battery. I always keep my battery disconnected.

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    You might have a drain ,but may be a bad cell. If you replace your Battery go with something other than a lead acid. The plates can internally short with all the ruff riding. Also use a battery tender between outings . Plug it in and leave it attached and charging. Batteries plus carrys a smart charger that is made of this operation. They are small and convenient to use.

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    unhook one of the battery cables. Hook up a 12v test lite between the end of the cable and the battery post. If you have any drain in the elec system, the lite will come on, it may be very dim depending on how many amps are being drawn. Start unplugging things in the electrical system until the test lite goes out. You have now traced the problem to a single circuit on the craft (hopefully) and can proceed from there.

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