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    Is it common for a bendix to quit?

    I have been told I probably need a new bendix.

    The ski is fine mechanically (all the usual suspects check out)
    the battery is charged
    I have spark
    THE PROBLEM IS.......
    When I hit start, you can hear the starter just spinning, but its not throwing the bendix to the flywheel and the ski won't turn over.

    I have been told this means the bendix needs replacing.... does this sound like the correct diagnosis?

    Please let me know so I can make sure my $55+ shipping for a new bendix isn't a waste of time and money!! Thanks in advance.

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    I had the exact same thing happen on my gf's tigershark barracuda.. we stuck wd-40 first in the hole where the starters go and sprayed it in there and let it set for a few mins.

    then I took my finger and got a hold of the bendix and got it to move. its on a helix that the bendix rides on. its like 1 big thread(in 1 turn, you can move the bendix up the helix and it moves about an inch.)

    Once you got it to move. snap the starter button a few times in a row to break it loose. if it engages the engine just once,,,,,you got it! stop and spray more wd-40. then snap the starter again. stop it.. just once.

    then slide some bearing grease in and around the bendix(best as you can.)Use a little a first so it doesnt make the bendix stick.

    try starting multible times without starting and it should be cranking by now.


    after it spins correctly, add a little more bearing grease in there.

    its a pain to take the starter out n all/ but much cheaper and easier if you can get it to spin from there instead of pulling the motor. the bendix is under the flywheel, so the motor would have to be pulled to get at it.

    give it a try.. just disconnect the + fromthe battery first before sticking your fingers in where the gears are! safety first! Hope it works.

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    my view

    In the two skis I have worked on, both had "frozen" bendix. My problem wasn't an issue with the bendix as a whole turning but rather an issue of the spring-loaded gear not twisting out to engage the flywheel when the starter motor spun the bendix.

    In both cases the root of the problem was rust from a leaky flywheel cover in one case and a leaking crankshaft seal on the other. In both cases (pun) the moisture causes a rust situation to corode the bendix.

    Bow is right about one possible "fix" but this may not be a permanent solution as you may need to find the cause of the bendix freeze up in the first place.

    To change the bendix the flywheel must come off...

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    ya the bendix is seized

    i fixed mine with fluid film and letting it roll off the table and hit on the floor ,

    they are so cheap new and used might as well buy new

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    I appreciate the feedback guys. Well sounds good, I'll be buying the new bendix.

    In regards to pulling the motor, I actually had to switch out my stator once I already dropped the motor in and did it all in the boat. Just have to drain and pull the gas tank, then pull off the flywheel cover, break out the flywheel puller and boom I can get to that darn bendix.

    Thanks again for the help.

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