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    more speed on 97 gp 1200??

    I took out my new (to me) gp 1200 today with a few friends alternating use and running it pretty hard for around 3 hours.It was a great day and the ski ran great! The ski ran and handled nicely, I was a little dissapointed with the top speed though, I put in new plugs and 93 octane gas and the fastest I saw all day was 54( this was one rider on water like glass) and that was only for a second or two.. it ran an averager of 48 mph(on the speedo) frequently hitting 50-51, I though I should be closer to 58-60 with this machine? it has an sbt engine with around 60 hours, I did a compression check and each cylinder was at 125 psi exactly. what can I do( relatively inexpensive) to be up around a consistent 60 mph. Thanks!

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    Start by getting a GPS so you know your actual speed, the dreamometer is never accurate. There are two tools every tuner must have, a GPS and digital Tach. Without this kind of reliable feedback, you will never know if you made an improvement or not when doing mods.

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