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    crankshaft bearings


    i have a question.i have 700 2002 is noisy in the engine compartment.louder than normal.i have pulled the cylinders off and took off the pistons,the rods and connecting bearings seem in good shape.very little play.when i spin the the crank by hand and it doesn't seem loose or question is there any way to tell if the crank bearings are bad with engine still in the seems tight with no free play in the case.any suggestions much appreciated.


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    Have you removed the jet pump?

    Sometimes the noise can be from the jet pump stator bearings failing, or the impeller rubbing inside the wear ring.

    Another source of noise can be the drive shaft splines inside the coupler on the engine. Check the coupler for spline wear or damage. Check the impeller splines too.

    Also check for loose or damaged motor mounts. Grab the engine and try to rock it back and forth. It it moves much at all, the mounts may need attention.

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    i have the pump out...if the crank bearings were bad(not the lower rod bearings) wouldn't there be a lot of freeplay down in the case.i have the cylinders off,so i can see in there when it turns. i have checked the motor mounts they seem fine.i hate pullin the engine if i don't have to. thanks


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    In order to have free play in the bearings,there would have to be metal missing. At that point you would probably have other damage.

    Yes, you can have rough / noisey bearings and no play.

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    hmm..i guess rough noisy bearings will fail in the near future?i guess i might have to pull the engine

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    you can always pour oil in there and see if that covers the noise

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