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    fuel line

    hi getting ready to replace the fuel line on my slt700 can you use automotive fuel line thanks

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    Yes, you can use regular automotive fuel line.

    You don't need the high pressure fuel injection rated hose, as the max fuel pressure on the carburetor engines is only about 6 PSI.

    It is better if you can find high quality fuel line, and strictly speaking, marine rated fuel line is best.

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    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    Where can I get replacement fuel and oil hose?
    Depending on the model you have you will need 15 feet, maybe 20 feet at the most, of fuel line.

    Marine rated fuel line, that is compatible with Ethanol, is preferred

    J1527 A1 is also acceptable, and the A1 hose has a fire resistant outer coating
    SAE J1527 Type B2 (and A2) is for fuel tank vent hoses only, do not use B2/A2 for fuel lines unless it is also B1/A1 rated.
    From what I can tell, the current version of these marine fuel hose ratings is for up to E10 (Gasoline with up to 10% Ethanol blend)

    Be sure the hose you use for the pulse line is stiff enough not to collapse under suction
    Also applies to the fuel lines from tank to fuel pump, which are also under suction

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    thanks for the quick reply

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