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    Wont Start - help?

    Hi, broguth a 1997 Yamaha GP1300R in the middle of winter and have yet to have ridden it. Thought id take it out tommorrow now its warmed up here, but now its not firing.

    I took the battery out in the winter, topped up the level, and charged it once. Its showing 12v on a multimeter. Hooked it back up today, connected the lanyard and pressed start, i got an audible click but nothing else. Also i removed all the spark plugs to fog the engine.

    Tried again and i saw a trace of smoke appear from the hole next to the battery, where the terminal wires go. Checked fuses nothing. Cant see any display - should it light up?

    Can anyone give me any advice, now tried it off jump leads and same result....thanks

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    ok to update... i ignorantly looked at the engine bay. I decided id try to turn the prop from the intake grate. I got a fraction of a turn out of it.

    Seems to start now, bit worried as not sure what i've done, might happen again - any insight guys?

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    sportfish258 on x-h20
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    You might have a bad connection or corrosion on the starter connections .

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