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    Quote Originally Posted by misterjay View Post
    I have a 06 VX 110 Sport, I had been having issues with the battery so i brought it
    to a dealer to have it looked at and had a full diagnostic check, no issues just needed a new battery.

    I bought a brand new one and fitted it.

    ... after 3 hrs or so the battery started to die. The battery WONT hold a charge even though it is BRAND NEW ! Any ideas folks ??

    I'm going to get it looked at next week again, Thanks ......
    Welcome to the Hulk

    Did you take the entire PWC to the dealer, or just the battery?

    It sounds like there is an electrical problem with your machine. It may not be charging the battery, or something is drawing power from the battery and running the battery down.

    Have you connected the battery to a charger to re-charge it?

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