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    Catastrophic Motor Failure

    So I take the 250 out today. Ran fine first few minutes out of the no wake zone. Then when I throttled up, i felt a skip, then ran fine for about a minute. then it started vibrating and losing power. I let of the throttle and it died. It starts back up but vibrates. and smoke coming out of rear area of engine. Almost smelled like burning rubber. Then when i towed it back to the trailer, I opened the rear drain plugs and engine oil comes out. Lots of it. Is this pump bearings gone bad?

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    your pump dont have engine oil in it let alone inside the hull. im sure that before you posted you would have taken off the seat base and belt cover if you had it installed and visually looked for where oil could be coming from guessing you would have also dipped the oil for level and checked the oil filler cap sorry but more info needed as could be one of many, leaking hose, s/c belt but that doesnt explain oil loss unless there is more than one issue. seized bearings in the pump/pulleys/driveshaft/s/c, the guessing goes on only you will know.

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    yeah, I have not looked at it closely yet, but the supercharger spins fine, belt is fine. Theres a big vibration coming from the driveshaft area. I figured the pump bearings went out and caused an oil leak from the driveshaft seal? Just a guess at this point. I guess the crank bearing could have gone bad causing this vibration?

    I guess my question is, what does it feel like when the pump bearing goes bad. Its under extended warranty so I am not gonna take anything apart, but I would like to try and maybe figure out a possible cause.

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    if you are seeing oil, its not good.

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    as the soldier says i would be more concerned on where the oil is coming from, you could have two issues or on has caused the other a little fishing around and you should be able to come up with something.

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    Check crankshaft float or end play.

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    I would start with a small inspection mirror and a flash light, that would be a good start. Just a suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red08Ultra250 View Post
    Its under extended warranty so I am not gonna take anything apart, but I would like to try and maybe figure out a possible cause.
    Glad to here it, another one for kwak to sort out. Hope it's a quick fix but it doesn't sound at all good.
    How many hours has your ski got?

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    Not good at all. I have found what I believe to be pieces of the engine block on the left side (supercharger side) of the motor, towards the front.
    The grey rubber hose that comes off the front of the valve cover is loose, as if the housing which holds it to the block, came apart. Oil in hull is clean engine oil, lots of it.
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    A little history. At 100 hours I was getting major salt water in oil. They found cracked head. Replaced head, pistons, rings, supercharger, intercooler, etc. Ran great, stronger than ever (had 09 pistons put in).

    Now at 118 hours I took it out yesterday, barely got 500 feet from launching, and it made a little skip in power. Then started vibrating badly and smoking. Towed back to ramp and found major engine oil in hull (clean, not milky). No water has entered the engine this time. Found some oil around exhaust on exterior of hull.

    The extended warranty company was great about it all, They paid about $8,500 in repairs total. Now we will see what happens Monday.

    Ski is completely stock at this point with 09 pistons put in by the dealer at time of last rebuild.

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