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    2005 rxp chk eng p0326

    Hi guys I have a long story so please bear with me,
    Chapter 1:
    Got a bit of an issue which is becoming increasingly frustrating. About 6 weeks ago I took my 2005 RXP out for it's first run in about 6 weeks, it had about 1/2 a tank of fuel still in it from the previous run 6 weeks earlier. I only ever use Caltex Vortex 98 RON in my ski. I launched at Appletree Bay and began the run to Ettalong, about 5 minutes in I noted I got to about 6000RPM and the engine warning light started flashing and CHK ENG came up on the display, hit SET 5 times and got P0326. Turned the ski off and began riding again, happened another 3 times everytime only over 6000 RPM, went back to ramp and waited 20 minutes, decided to try again and went to Ettalong for 3 hours without issue.
    Chapter 2: (Begins about 3 weeks after Chapter 1)
    Completely refuelled with Caltex Vortex 98 RON, launched at Windsor and began the ride to Wisemans Ferry, got to the straights near Pitt Town and over 6000RPM CHK ENG goes off and P0326, happened all day and ended up riding home under 6000RPM.

    Chapter 3: (Begins about 2 weeks after Chapter 2)
    Took ski to mechanic, he says yep have this abit, it's just a faulty knock sensor, so we order the new, one he replaces, while putting ski back together they notice the front engine mount has given way. So we replaced that also, I take it out for a test and bam, over 6000 RPM CHK ENG again...

    Chapter 4: (This weekend)
    With ski still faulting despite a new knock sensor I wonder if its the fuel and drain the entire tank, replace with BP 95 RON. Take ski out, 5 minutes in, hit 6150 and CHK ENG P0326 again, turn ski off - re start then she is fine for 30 minutes of runs even a few at full throttle!! Weird! Yesterday, put ski in same thing, 6150 CHK ENG P0326 goes off, turn of then restart then was fine for about 30 or 45 minutes at anything from idle to full throttle, then it happened, up Hawkesbury near Sackville anything over about 6100 it goes off again CHK ENG P0326 so had to ride home under 6000 RPM, im running out of ideas...
    Engine doesnt use ANY oil, uses a bit of coolant, engine temp always comes down pretty quickly by 3 or 4 degrees from starting. No wories appear to be frayed in the engine area.
    What do you think could be the problem??

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    Did they install the harness also??With out the harness the new sensor will do the same thing every time..Heres a thread that should help you:

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    Quick test. Check the ohms between pin #1 and #2 on the knock harness with connector "A" removed from the ECU it should read 1710-1890 ohms.

    After doing some digging and resistance checks on my 05 I found out that the update also affects 05 models. The engine harness part number 420664951 is used on.

    Where Used: [420664951 (Engine Wiring Harness Ass'Y)]
    Challenger 180 4-TEC SCIC, 2005
    Challenger 180 4-TEC TOWER, Edition 1, 2006--
    Challenger 180 4-TEC, Edition 1, 2006
    Challenger CS TOWER, Edition 1, 2006
    Challenger CS, Edition 1, 2006
    GTX 4-TEC, LTD SCIC, 2005
    RXP, 2004
    RXP, 2005
    RXT, 2005
    Sportster 4-TEC SCIC, 2005
    Sportster 4-TEC SCIC, Edition 1, 2006

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    Interesting thanks guys, I couldn't find anything confirming my 05 could be suffering from the same issues as the 04's. Any ideas why it hadn't been an issue till now? (146 eng hrs). Running an RXP-X Charger, aftermarket IC and Riva Exhaust.

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