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Thread: Timing on 1100

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    Timing on 1100


    I recently purchased a WaveRaider 1100 and had to replace the rear main seals. The crank case is apart now waiting for the seals and gaskets to come in. I have been searching around here and haven't found any information on the ignition timing. When I put the motor back together, is there anything special that needs to be done to ensure that the timing is correct? I am new to 2-strokes, so I wanted to ask before I made any mistakes with it. Is there anything else I should know before reassembling the motor? It has 250 hours on it. I ordered carb rebuild kits for it and a new diaphragm pump. The compression is 112/112/118 on the three cylinders. I appreciate any help and advice you can give and look forward to your response. Thank you.

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    timing is not an issue, the flywheel has a keyway on it. The pickup in the stator cover is triggered by the flywheel for firing.

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    Crank seals bad...could mean crank is bad...and or backfire or water injestation...make sure you find out why you had to replace them.


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    It looks like there was water in the motor at one point as there is some rust on the rods. The main bearings look good though; there is no rust on them and it turns smoothly with no end play.

    What else should I look for? I would like to do any maintenance or replace any parts it might need while its apart. It ran off of the fuel from the primer kit before I noticed the blown crank seal. I took apart the carbs and there was not a speck of dirt in them or in the filters, but I bought rebuild kits for them anyway since that seemed to be the consensus recommendation for a ski that has been sitting for a while.

    Thanks for the help thus far; any other guidance or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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    Be careful when installing crank seals...the first print of the Shop manual shows them to be installed backwards....don't ask me how I know...

    There was a revision that came out that shows the proper way for the 2 rear seals that I never got when I bought the manual.

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    I purchased a manual online and it does not show in any detail how to install the crank seals. Does anyone have a photo or explanation how to install them? Thank you.

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