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    Testing waters on a 2001 RX part out....

    I have a 2001 RX (blue and gray) that I am considering parting out. The hull is in decent shape with normal scratches and wear. The engine is basically junk and some of the electrical pieces are incomplete, missing covers, etc.

    I had planned to replace the engine and sell this thing but I dont have the time to mess with it....

    The cases are Ok but have some corrosion due to the fact that the previous owner was a moron, but the bearing surfaces and internal surfaces of the cases are fine. I have cleaned it up a bunch and would run it. Most of the rust is under the front cover. Just being honest with everyone. With some more time you would never know.

    I do have a used crank I bought from a member here and a counter balancer that I intended to run. I have not ran either piece.

    If there is something on this boat you are interested in please let me know. I would like to get my money back out of this deal and if enough are interested I will go though with it.

    I will try to post pics if wanted to each person requesting.

    And as always if you are not happy with the purchases I will refund your money.

    If you are interested pm me and we will work out a price! I just want to test the waters before pricing all the stuff....

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