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Thread: temp of water

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    temp of water

    silly question does it matter the tempeture of water.its 70 here in mass but i bet the water is really cold.I dont think ill get wet but wondering if you can do damage to machine if the water is too cold

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    I would let it idle a while to warm up gradually...

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    Water temp will affect engine warm up. Use caution if the thermostat was removed.

    A cold seizure is possible if the engine isn't properly warmed up before going WOT.

    Cold seizure is from the aluminum piston expanding from heat faster than the cast iron cyliner liner. If you properly warm the engine, you'll be fine

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    let it warm up good & go easy for a little while & then ride normal, ive already been out a couple of times water was 42*, i had a blast & had no problems!

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