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    GP1200R Security Options

    I have a 2000 GP1200R (bought new) that I am looking for a way to prevent anyone from riding since there is no security from starting it. It has not been a problem in the past but due to recent personal changes there are more opportunities for someone to taking it out when it is docked. I am less worried about having it stolen than having a young person get on and get hurt, hurt others, cause damage, etc. (and also being liable since I did nothing to prevent it). I searched the site and saw the Clam lock that would work but is no longer being made. Read about battery/ignition cutout circuits but that does not appear to be foolproof given that nothing on the GPR locks. Just wondering what clever ideas others came up with or know of other starter locks that are available.



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    Chain it to the dock

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    you could just pull the spark plug wires off but leave them sitting on the plugs so they look like they're connected. The average idiot will never get that ski started.

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    post a wtb for a clam lock..i got one used on forum

    i have also read of the older lockable type of dash's being fitted to the gpr range..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotherapy View Post

    i have also read of the older lockable type of dash's being fitted to the gpr range..
    That's what is happening on my 1390 build..

    Have a set of XLT clocks to get fitted..

    Chaining it to the dock is the answer.. just DON'T lose the key for the lock..

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    I would do chains to dock. even if you put a lock on the steering someone can still tow the ski away and steal it.

    You can also unplug some stuff like the water temp sensor, ON/off button. etc at the electrical box.

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    Thanks for the replies. The XLT cluster sounds interesting. How much they go for? Are they a direct fit or need machining? Is the wiring a direct replacement or additional wires need spliced?

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