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Thread: Smoking Carbs

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    Smoking Carbs

    So I recently got a ski ('99 GP1200) and the fuel wasn't dispersing properly, so I replaced all the fuel lines, and cleaned out the carbs (replaced a few parts that were needed, plus changed all of the fuel pump filters). I siphoned all of the old gasoline out of the tank and put fresh gas in. I primed the carbs by adding a little of gas to each of the carbs and tried to start it. It took a minute or two but it started right up. I ran it for about a minute before I noticed smoke coming out the i shut the engine off. I did a little research and narrowed it down to either being a reed valve or that it was smoking a little to burn the gas/break in new parts? However, I started it up again once more to see if I could see exactly where the smoke was coming from but it didn't smoke this time. I ran it for roughly 3 minutes, no smoke, idled nice, stayed running...

    Any ideas?

    Also since I'm new to this, any thing else I should check on the ski?

    Compression is 110 across all three plugs..

    Carbs are freshly rebuilt/clean

    New gas lines..

    Fresh gas...

    Oil tank is full (should i remove the injector and premix my gas?)

    Thanks guys!

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    May be a little leakage past the reeds, did you inspect them when you had the carbs off?

    If it's not doing it now, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

    I'd leave the oil pump on.

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