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    2005 r12x leaning to right

    Hi everyone new to the site. I recently purchased a 2005 honda r 12x. I took it out for the first time and it felt like it was taking on water on the right side. The footwells fill up on both sides just the right sinks lower. Feels like its leaning to the right. I took the ski out of the water and checked the hull. No water in the hull so i dont know what it is. Is this just how the honda skis are? Any help would be nice thanks

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    For some reason mine will do the same thing. No apparent reason for it too and doesn't do it all the time. You get used to it and then it just seems to go away. Weird I know.
    05 honda F12X

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    My R does the same at slow speeds but is fine after it planes out. It isnt as stable as my F but a lot more fun to ride IMO. glockm22 hit the nail on the head. It does seem to go away.

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