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    Question about 4-tech blocks

    Is there a difference between na and supercharged blocks? Also, what year blocks are interchangable?

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    Blocks are all the same from 2003 to 2010.Cranks 03 to 05 are the same and 06 to10 are the same.The difference on the cranks are the line up pins for the trigger wheel are in different positions.03-05 line up at 10 o'clock and 06-10 line up at 7 o'clock.Hope this helps.

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    So as long as I use my crank(05), I could use any year block, including an NA block?

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    early blocks have the oil restrictor in the top of the deck of the block and late blocks do not have it at all in the block, it is in the rockerarm shaft.

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    i read somewhere on this site that the sc models have forged internals and the n/a models don't. correct me if i'm wrong

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    That is true. I will just be using the block

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    as above if you use a later block you need to install a new oil restrictor in the block there are high flow ones available in the online store.

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