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    Jury Finds Mfr Liable In Prop Accident

    For the first time, a jury has found a boat manufacturer liable for a prop-related accident. But looking at the details, seems like a lot of went wrong had nothing to do with a propeller in the water.

    Jury Finds Mfr Liable In Prop Accident

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    that right there is what is wrong with this country.who here doesent know a propeller spins and has 3 or 4 sharp edges. i mean right on the binicle control it says "dont get in the water with the engine running."i mean what the hell more warning do you need.i have a theory when you protect people with no common sense it hurts society.just look around or is it just me that spends hours removing lawer lables off my boats. just my opinion gotta set the cruse control in my r.v. and go make coffee.j/k

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    That's just crazy.

    Greedy tort lawyers are killing our system; they are taking over our government and making millions destroying one business after another.

    John Edwards is a perfect example, he made millions off law suits against doctors in his own state, and now he owns the biggest house in the county.

    Somebody gets shot and they want millions from the manufacturer of the gun. Somebody destroys their own lungs by smoking and they want millions from the tobacco company. Kid backs up into someone with a boat and they want 3.8 million from the prop maker.

    You see where this is going. Someone allows their child to do something crazy on a PWC then the family sues BRP or Kawasaki; then WE ALL PAY FOR IT. It's nuts, and it's going to get worse without tort reform.

    The latest ranking of America's most unfair jurisdictions in which to be sued has been revealed in the American Tort Reform Foundation's Judicial Hellholes 2009/2010 report. South Florida is NUMBER ONE on the list.

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