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    xp 96 rear engine mounting

    were can i get an engine mouting for my xp96 787 engine. its the back one next to the exhaust inside the hull. thanks

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    try the classifieds here or on ebay. look for someone who is parting out a ski.

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    i wouldnt mind some new ones if you can get them.

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    on this ski i shouldnt be able to be able to lift the engine off the mounting should i?the other side is fix but on the exhaust side i can completey lift off, i would of thought with this movin it would put stress on the prop when in the water..

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    no, you should not be able to lift the engine. if you can, you have a bad mount (or loose bolt) as you already stated.

    you may be able to purchase new mounts through the online store on this site.

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    thought so. ok i will have a look around and see what i can find. it looks like its come away from it bonding but i will check tomarrow. thanks

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