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    93 spx sea doo, water issue

    so my brother bought this ski, not running, but the guy said it would. he got it cheap and with a trailer.

    so i took apart the carbs cleaned everything, reassembled. i got spark but there was decent amount of oil and water in the cylinders. i cleaned them out as much as possible. and tried to fire it up!

    it fired up pretty fast considering there wasn't any fuel in the carbs. but then would die, started and died. at this point i am still using the old plugs, because it would be pointless to put new ones in with all the water, etc in the cylinders.

    after messing with the choke and throttle for about 10 min. the cylinders finally cleared up and she started running great. awesome throttle response also.

    i am not a jet ski guy, i work on bikes, but i thought it was kinda funny that the exhaust was getting pretty hot. also the hoses from the exhaust and head were not pushing any water. the only water coming out was from 2 nipples in the back pump area, i am pretty sure it wasn't coming from the exhaust. isn't this how jet ski's work though? or am i bugging?

    is this ski getting any water to the engine? it heated up pretty quick!

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    Id check for blockages in the water lines going to the motor. I would take the head off to and see if there are any blockages there also. seems that the pipe is getting water tho if the pissers are pumping water out the back. The pipe will get hot but it shouldnt be too hot..if that makes any sense.
    can you run it on the hose and shoot a pic or video of the pump area? maybe you have water lines hooked up backwards?

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