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    Exclamation FLYWHEEL

    Ok everybody i know i sound like a dam broken record, but, I have the nut off the flywheel. I went and rented an 1/2 inch impact, got a harmonic balancer puller and put it on the flywheel , and it still has not come loose. Is there something besides the dam nut I need to take off? I got my new stator and now all i got to do is get the flywheel off. Ok...anybody with help....let me know

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    Re-read the previous threads discussing removing the flywheel.

    Once you have the puller really torqued tight, give it some time.

    BTW, leave the flywheel nut screwed on a few turns, so the flywheel and puller don't go flying when it lets go.

    After a while, torque the puller a little more.

    If it still isn't releasing after letting it sit, apply some heat to the flywheel around the center area. The heat will do two things; degrade the strength of the locking compound on the shaft, and expand the flywheel slightly, so it isn't as tight on the shaft.

    Be careful with the heat. Too much heat can damage the crank seals, and the stator. If the fuel tank is still in there, be really careful

    Too little heat just won't do anything.

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    Talking Flywheel

    Well all...i got the thing off.....who knew a big ole sledge hammer would do it ( a few people actually and thanks )....actually it was a 2 pounder..Thanks ya'll for all the help

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