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Thread: So What Now?

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    I've had my t-x for a couple days now... bought it used 38 hrs....

    I've looked for the dredded tunnel cracks... and at this present time i see none...

    I got the opportunity to ride next to another t-x today... and we were pretty much dead up... not much gotta make a few changes to give me a little extra edge... not really lookin to break the bank.... just want to do it right the first time.....

    riva grate?
    speedfreaks rear air?? (can this be used with the innercooler in the stock location on my t-x?)

    i keep reading about gutted x water box? is this a worthy mod?.. .if so, how do you do it?

    sounds like there's a ton of different ways to make the ski even faster without stayin in performance packages....seems like you can take a little from each package and end up faster, spending less w/out sacrificing dependability.

    what about opas? what is the benefit of getting rid of this? i assume it will prevent the ski from "searching" it seams as if under steady throttle the boat is searching for a path??...

    1.5 2 degree wedge? worthy mod?... seems as if the boat is faster about 75% trimmed out...... so the wedge wouldn't help in that situation would it?

    and last but not least.... what do you guys think about running av gas? or high octane?.... i've got an airboat... and have been wondering bout running av gas... when i get ready to do some speed runs.....

    where would you put your first $500?

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    IMO best first mods for the X are

    4" air intake
    intake grate

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    We picked up 3.5mph on my father's 08 TX for about $250...

    She's up to 71's all day with a peak of 72.5 after we tweeked the prop again

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    can you do a 4" intake on an xt-x w/out the intercooler relocation mod????

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontletitfoolya View Post
    can you do a 4" intake on an xt-x w/out the intercooler relocation mod????

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