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    Now "Soft" torque/seat-of-pants on 76mph ski

    So i have this issue with my '05 RXP:

    Lets say your ski feels a little "soft" on holeshot....midrange seems normal....then a little "soft" on the very top - although still reaches max RPMs of 8100 (stock ecu).
    It feels like im missing some seat-of-the-pants pull....not so arm-snapping anymore.

    I know there's plenty of factors but I'll try to keep this condensed. I was thrashing around and shooting some rooster tails; suddenly it sputters and wont rev more than 3-5K RPMs or so (30-40mph). Few days later, runs better and gets into the 60+mph range (GPSed 76 last month) in light chop water - faster but still lacking arm-snapping torque.

    Pump is CLEAR and flawless. Dealer checked all engine vitals and are DEAD ON good Compression, SC slip, plugs, pump etc.

    Could I have screwed up anything by thrashing around and maybe spinning the impeller to high (rpms) as the ass of the ski bumped out of the water - no full load on pump?
    The sputtering it did caused me to suspect either something stuck in pump or some minor water injestion by waves running over front of ski (aftermarket air intake). Never found reason otherwise to believe water actually got in cylinders. Pump looks gorgeous. Still "soft" in the torque department, although seems to get into at least the low 70's mph....Still gotta get a GPS to confirm exact speeds as of now.

    Thoughts and opinions? My next step is to A) get GPS and check top speed on clean water and then B) pay the dealer to lake-test it with diagnostic computer.


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    well buddy from what i have read so far ide go for option b because every thing checks out fine. but befor you do that you might want to check out that pump like you said. i had a pice of wood stuck in mine and it affected my running ability.

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    u could have a worn prop (cavitation burns on the edges) with your SS wear ring, or your SC slip could be low.

    After the spinouts u sucked water, and slightly fouled the plugs. I would throw a new set in anyways. Also check your coil packs for cracks

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    How much NM was the slip moment of the charger???
    It seems like you dont have the right torque on the clutch
    and some times makes the right boost and some other no

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    Well the dealer threw in some new plugs while they had it since nothing else seemed to be unusual. The parts guy told me the mechanic checked the SC slip and it was in spec - i dont recall that he gave me a specific number though. I saw nothing wrong with the pump or impeller - front and back side of it. They saw nothing wrong there either.

    These speed parts are all brand new (18hrs): Impeller, SC and injectors. Dealer-installed with the "new" rebuilt seadoo motor (head and block). Everything only 18hrs old now.

    So im wondering if its possible that i spun something "loose" when i was cutting hard 180 turns and spinning the impeller out of the water a little? Like what about the pump shoe area or carbon seal, bla bla bla....i dont know those parts that well yet.

    As far as how the ski "feels"'s as if it had a minor boost leak or something to that affect....thats my best way to describe how its running, although it is reaching the 8100rpms. Just a little soft in the "butt dyno" as compared to the way it pulled during the first 16hrs or so.

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    Did you check your afr's ,you could be running a bit rich.
    Which injectors do you have installed?

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