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    TOPS Valve - Safe to remove? What is it?

    I'm attempting to re-install my supercharger on an RXT 215. I was able to remove the upper screw to get it out but I'm having a real hard time putting it back. The shop manual says to "Remove the TOPS Valve screws and move it aside to make room". I have not yet done this and I'm not even sure what the TOPS Valve is. There is definitely something blocking my way from above the third Super Charger screw. I'm assuming it's the "TOPS Valve". It looks to be screwed into the engine with two torx screws and it has electrical connections to it. Is this thing safe to remove? Do I just unscrew the two screws and it will pull out?


    -The Engineer

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    not sure what you are referring to but all I do is loosen the J-Pipe, move back the waterbox and remove the 3 bolts holding on the SC and pull it out.

    One screw on the SC is difficult to get a wrench on, do some digging on here there is a good write-up with pictures.


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    Maybe different on a T but on my P never had to remove the tops solenoid to install a supercharger...

    Tops is tip over prevention system...It prevents oil from going into the cylinders causing piston lock from oil when turning back over...
    If you remove the solenoid just make sure to put it back or will go into a limp mode..There is a way to diasable it up front by jumping two wires on the connection and trick it to think its on but wont cut usually cuts on and off thru heavy chop...

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    Remove the two bolts ,and take it of.
    No problem at all,it's the only way to do the job.
    No parts inside you can damage,just a piston which closes after your roll over.
    Done it many times,very easy.

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    isnt the TOPS sensor in the front of the engine, and SC in the rear? Only thing ive had to remove when taking the SC off was the j pipe so i could move the waterbox back.

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    YES, that is your TOPS Valve....06 and above they moved it to the back of the engine....04 and 05 its in the front, no big deal, you can leave it on or remove it, it makes the job much easier to remove it so you can see the top SC screw.

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