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Thread: New X charger ?

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    New X charger ?

    Pretty much time to rebuild my SC so I am just going to order a new X charger from the online store. What does this SC come with as far as clutch washers? Should I order some Riva washers for it at the same time as they have served me well in my current charger with Green wheel.
    Also I assume the oil hole should be plugged so it does not start spewing oil into the IC?

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    It already has metal washers installed...
    For plugging the oil hole, that can go both ways..some do not plug it and find that it spews and then plug...some do not plug and have no problems and some plug it just to do it...other will chime in and give there opinions

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    Yeah I knew they came with metal but have read that some have still failed. I wonder if this is only on the high RPM skis or not?

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    Replace those stock x charger washers with the riva and leave the oil hole alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oklagp1200r View Post
    Replace those stock x charger washers with the riva and leave the oil hole alone!

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