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    Prop Damage - What to do?

    Hi all, pretty new to PWC's, managed to stupidly take in some pebbles when in shallow water. Engine stalled. Had a solas SS prop, its been damaged a bit - how does it look to you guys?

    Very annoyed with myself, don't really have a fortune to throw at it....


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    that's pretty bad. send it to IMPROS and they can make it like brand new

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    really? I hoped it wasn't that bad seeing how bent up some get. Im in the UK too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy View Post
    that's pretty bad. send it to IMPROS and they can make it like brand new
    +1. i only let impros touch my props

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    Sorry to say it but I agree with the guy's this needs to be repaired by a pro and re-pitched. I use Impros also, wouldn't use anybody else for props.

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