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    Question about beep? Warning? Help

    About 3 months ago I was able to buy a couple of 04 Sea Doo GTX Supercharged 3 seaters for our beach house. I was looking for a couple of big skis for the family that still had decent performance, could pull tubes and skis and wouldn't break the bank. I ended up finding these two with 60.5 and 62.5 hours each. Both were very clean other than some slight oxidation on the paint. I wetsanded ad buffed and polished and now they look new. Today was the first time I really got to put some time on them. They both run perfect but one has this annoying beep that comes on intermittently. The warning light does not come on and the display doesn't say anything either. I checked the oil (it had been changed right before I bought them) and both were fine. I splashed a little water on the J pipe and waterbox and neither was very hot, not hot enough to sizzle or steam water. Even when the beep/alarm comes on, the ski still runs perfect. Any ideas what this could be. It was fairly rough when I was riding it, so it was bouncing quite a bit, could it be a loose wire? Both skis are pretty much identical, and this intermittent long beep only started after about a 20 mile cruise. Now it seems to beep every 10 or so minutes. It is the wierdest thing.

    Any ideas?


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    Without a code it is really hard to say. Only does it in rough water, could be the tops sensor????

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    How do you get a code??


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    next time it beeps,hit the set button 5 times, the readout should display a code (P with some #'s after it) that should at least point you in the right direction...

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