hello, im new to the forums and new to jet skiing, i just bought a 2001 gp1200r a week ago and its got issues. i put it in the water with fresh gas and stabil and the thing runs so intermitantly im assuming its the carbs. it always starts and idles rough but it bogs most of the time and wants to die, or mis fires or runs on 2 cylinders, but every now and then it will have a burst of 7000 rpm power and then cut out as if the fuel was shut off. So before i pull the exhaust off which doesnt look too easy and start a carb rebuild, is there anything else i should check? how do i know the powervalves arent stuck? i see the servo motor and i see the slide thats supposed to move them but how do i check to see that they arent intermitantly closing or opening at the wrong times? the motor has 159 hours on it, and im not sure when its been rebuilt but it sure does pull hard when its runs good so im assuming recently. but i just need some advice from people who have experence so before i pull the carbs out is there anything i should check? i appricate the help.