Hey all, basically gonna make myself sound stupid for a bit! I looked at that red and purple wire on my 99 SLH700 tonight to the orange terminal to aid with warm restarting. However, I don't know what to do. I see the red purple wire come out of the CDI and branch into 2 red and purple wires. One goes to a small black box beside the coil and then from there to the red purple connector on the fuse board and the other red purple goes through a hole in the fuse box with various other wires (not connected to the red purple) and out into the hull somewhere. When I disconnect any red purple and connect to the orange connector posts on the fuse board the display goes off and I cannot turn it over. I hope I'm making sense? Also I think I may have the updated ignition as I see only 2 black white wires on the coil? Also the number 1010803 has a line through it on the CDI and 4010448 has been written in larger numbers underneath. Do I need to cut that red purple wire somewhere is what I'm trying to ask?