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    04 F12 Water Injestion-

    Was wondering if someone could shoot some info my way out of their manual for an 04 F12 Aquatrax. the ski took on water, and i will be flushing the engine oil as many times as needed to get all the water out. What brand oil other than "Honda" Oil do you guys recomend for these engines? Also what spark plugs should be in it? Any suggestions on a proven process when water was injested into the engine? thanks in advance!

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    I have an 04f12X the plugs that go in mine are IMR9D-9H you can get them at advance auto for 1/2 the price you will pay at most dealers. It's the same plug, just dosen't have Honda written on the box. Pull one of your plugs and give the guys at advance the # off it and they should be able to cross ref it and fix you up.

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