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    97 GTX Electrical help needed for MSD Ignition

    I have a 97 GTX with a 787 engine. Ran fine when it was last used 2 years ago. Now it has a no start condition. New battery, engine will not turn over. No noises when you hit the start button. I started with the usual, checked the solenoid fuse in the rear box, then jumped the solenoid posts and it turns over fine. When i went to the front MPEM box i ran into a problem. The ski has been wired with a MSD digital ignition box. No more MPEM. I have no problem figuring out the issues with a stock mpem but I have no idea where to start with this msd and no manual for it. Some wires are hooked up, some taped with electrical tape blocking them off...its a mess. There is a red LED on the box that is not on when i put the lanyard on. So im assuming its not getting power. Does any one know these modules very well? Or possibly have a wiring diagram on how to hook them up? What a dumb move puting this thing in a bone stock ski, even if it does start and run none of the gages will work! Worst case if I cant get this thing going im going to tear this thing out and order a factory MPEM.

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    The red led is for the testing of the trigger pickup, if you look at your msd enhancer it will have dip switches on it. I think it is the second bank #4 that one should be in the off position which is all the way down. If it's down move it up and crank over your engine, you should see the led turn on.

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