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    Aquatrax on a Load Rite

    I need to set up a Load Rite single trailer for a Honda Aquatrax. Is there anyone in central MD who has a similar setup that I can check out? I would like to get some bunk spacing measurements to help get mine setup properly before I go to the dealer.

    If you have a similar setup but are not in central MD then perhaps you could send me a picture of your ski from behind so that I can scale some dimensions.


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    what kind of load rite is it? I just bought a double for my aquatrax's (but they arent on it yet) and I dont think there is any adjustment for how far apart the bunks are, only the pitch of each bunk and how far forward or back the winch is

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    I have the 1200 lbs. capacity single ski trailer and the bunk width and height as well as the angle can be adjusted. I know the bunks should be ~17" apart but without the angle the distance doesn't mean much. What I have seen has been bunks that are too narrow get torn up by the ride plate and bunks that are too wide makes the ski sit on the chines. The sweet spot where the bunks should sit isn't much wider than the bunks.

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    haha, yea im a total jackass...i looked when i got home and my load rite has all those same adjustments

    So I am also very interested in this (as well as the distance the roller/winch should be from the bunks)

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    Can anyone post up a picture of an Aquatrax F-12 or F-12X transom?

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    FWIW, I posted the same thread at PWCToday and someone responded that from the outside of one bunk to the outside of the other is 16"...but he recommended letting the dealership line it all up..

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    I have seen how the dealership has been setting them up, that is why I want to do it myself.

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    I took some measurements today and this is what I determined. The bolts about which the bunks pivot should be 22.5" apart. The center of the bow stop should be 38" to 40" from the bunks and 10" from the top of the trailer. This should get the bunks very close and only need minor tweaking at the dealership.

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