Wondering if the whole MPEM/electronic box out of a 96Xp with the 787 engine will work in a 97GTX with the 787? Ive noticed that the GTX has the 3 large seperate gages in the dash (Info center,RPM's,and MPH) . Im not sure about the XP as I am looking at a comlete box out of an XP online. Should I be able to just plug all the connectors up and be good to go? The current box in the GTX has been mangled by some idiot who put a MSD Module in it and started cutting wires, taping them together,etc. I do not feel like buying a new seadoo MPEM and play the wire trace and crimp back together game. Id rather buy a whole new (used) box out of a parted ski and plug the connectors together. Thanks for the Info In advance! I assume this box will work based on it being from the same engine.