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    Question SLX Pro 785 VS. SL 1050

    I am looking at purchasing a SLX Pro 785 that has lots of race upgrades. Heads, Carbs, Reeds, Pump, Stearing, etc. It needs a new jug and piston. Is this something I should look into further or should I just hold out for a SL1050

    What are the differences between them, other than the obvious CC difference and the fact one is a fuji motor and one is a domestic motor.

    Thank You for any information you can provide!

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    the 785 is a great machine ,it all depends on your location and how easy it is for you to get parts ,one bad cylinder ,piston and other misc parts will run about 400-500 to fix if thats all it needs .
    a good running 1050 is also a great machine and will run about the same speed as a stock 785.

    the domestics are much more reliable then the fuji's in my opinion .

    either way there both good choice's

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    I am paying $500 and it comes with two skis (both titled) one needs a complete new motor, and he has sold some of the electronics off of it. But he has told me between the two there is enough parts to complete one ski except for one jug and one piston. The motor is in pieces. No trailer.

    I figured for another $500 I should be able to complete one ski and part out the other to pay for the cost of repair. Does this sound like a good plan or am I taking too big of a risk.

    I am pretty excited about the project, just wanted to see if anyone had any input or things to be aware of. I am driving about 10 hrs round trip to get them so I want to know everything I can before I take off.

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    500 bucks for two pros? go for it, make sure the cranks not rusted and the other two pistons are good..

    i love the 1050, i have two 1050 motors, but i never had a pro. the 1050 from what i herd gets better gas mileage the pro and is more of a rec boat the the pro is.

    that sounds like a hell of a deal...if you pass i might have too scoop it up lol..

    good luck

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    If all the parts are there and they didn't take apart the ski that is mostly complete it's a great deal .If they started to part the complete ski out the it might be to much for you . I would grab them up if they where closer because i have everything to fix them but if you need to buy a bunch of parts they will cost you to much to get one running . Just make sure you get enough parts to complete one ski

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    That was kind of my thoughts, worse case senario I end up parting them out, and from what I've heard the parts are hard to find, so I shouldnt have any problems doing that. The motor is torn down, so I was worried about rust, but I had him go check the crank and the jugs for surface rust while I was on the phone with him, and he said they were both rust free.

    Catch is I'm waiting on him to get titles. I told him he has to have title in hand before I'll buy, so thats the only reason there not sitting at my house right now. I'll keep ya posted on how that goes.

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    I guess I'd want to know what kind of riding are you planning on doing?

    The PRO is an aggressive handling ski, that wouldn't be good for riding with the wife or kids. Is also a bit thirsty on the fuel.

    The 1050 would be a good reliable ski for family and rec riding.

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    And to add to what these guys have said: The Pro 785 is a GREAT handling ski in the sense that it will slice and dice and take anything you want to throw at it, BUT, you will feel it. They pound the piss out of you. Don't confuse "great handling" with "comfortable"

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    pro also has very small gas tank, not to good for an all day rider, been there and it sucked; but for going out to play for an hour or so its a blast

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