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    FZR vs RXT-X 260?

    I love my XLT 2001, but is time to change. My XLT run 67.4 with GPS, but I need a new machine. What do you think is better choice between FZR or RXT-T 260, (salt water, local temp 78-92 all the year), I am running at least one weekend per month, the machine should be easy to modify and reliable.. The price is not a issue.

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    If you had to go by looks alone you would buy the doo. It is beautifull.

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    What conditions do you ride in and do you plan on modding heavily?

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    to me the fzr is a better platform to mod not to mention 300cc more displacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtxscrider View Post
    to me the fzr is a better platform to mod not to mention 300cc more displacement.
    X2 also the extra piston!!!!

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    I have not ride the new X yet, but the engine is still the same as my previous ski (RXT with X Charger).

    The FZR handles amazing, and you can go full throthe in 1-2 foot chop. The thing hooks up to the water great, you get air and as soon as you land it just hook back on.

    The new X is supposed to turn great but there is no way it will outperform the turning abilities of the FZs.

    If you are looking to Mod then the FZ is the way to go, you can go 83mph for around 5K.

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    Comes down to the kind of riding you do. If you Ride in more than 2 foot chop all the time, go for the Kawi 260.
    When it comes to looks, I think the SeaDoo looks awesome!!!
    The FZR on the other hand, not only looks fast standing still, but handles awesome!! It has the biggest cc to push that beast pass 80+ for very little Money and stay very reliable.. Good luck in your choice. They are all great skies..

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    I saw a TX 260 run against an FZR in the box-stock class at the Hydrodrags last year & the Doo easily took the win. Still, I think the FZR has more potential if you plan on doing performance mods. Those new TX's are HUGE...something like 6" longer than an FZR & have the new deep V hull, so it would probably be the superior boat for offshore. I'm curious to see how they handle. I think they are going to demo them at the Riva event in May. I've ridden the FZR & was very impressed with the holeshot & handling...they carve great & feel like a much smaller ski. As for reliability, I'm going to guess the Yami will be better...just an opinion.

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    They are both amazing boats but like all the other posters have asked, what type of riding do you do and do you plan on modding? The skis have clear differences and imo THE two best pwc ever made for different reasons. Best advice: Buy both! I have one of each sitting on the showroom floor right now and great financing

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    which is faster on flat water.. im guessing the rxt x 260? because its got a better horsepower to weight ratio and from what ive read online a better hull design as well

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