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    Impeller damage?

    Hi. Well it had to happen....I was riding today and forgot to close the drain plugs on my Rxt IS 2009. All went well for 30 min,then i suddenly hear a strange sound from the engine,like a powerful vibration sound and at that time i realise i forgot the plugs,turn back att wot and into shore,up a small beach and check the engine room and close the plugs,everything look fine,didnt seems to have taken water in att all. Push the ski out in the water again and fired up,didnt feel or hear enything from the engine but then i give it some trotte and i could hear a vibration sound,again,particularly when i turn the ski around in the water with a little bit trottle. Wot all the way home to the trailer and up it went with it. I look into everthing and the grate to check the propeller and see that it has som bad maks on every blade, like a stone has hit it. So my question is, Could this make the sound? How much marks on the propeller is needed to make it vibrate? As i see it now it has to have been som stones in the propeller room when i start up, but im not sure, the sound arrive before i take it up the beach so could it be the water has come in to the engine room and done something to some parts? I went wot to the beach maybe all wather has clean out make me think that everything looks good? How much job is it to change the propeller on this models? Can i still ride it? I have 9hr on it and was loking forward to go 10 hour and have the service to be ready for the summer,but now im in the basement thinking this will cost so much that it will be no more ride this year... PLEASE comfort me... Maybe someone have a link til prop swap on IS or GTX? Maybe i should let the service people do the hole job?

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    you should be able to get the impellar reconditioned and all will be good

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    So you think that it is the impeller? As long i can see that is has marks on it, its bendt? Can i remove this without taking off upper deck?

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