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Thread: FZS Upgrades

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    FZS Upgrades

    Right then guys I have an FZS, run in and had its first service. I've read about a large numbers of performance enhancing add-ons but where to start?

    I don't want to get into heavily modding the engine but am OK with bolting on kits parts like such as Riva's Stage 1 kit. Bottom line is do all the parts just bolt on and will the standard CPU still be OK? If used in the sea, would the addition of a Powershot type air cleaner increase the liklihood of water ingestion?

    Would appreciate any pointers/tips

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    Welcome to the forum! Ton of info here. Like SpeedJunky posted, lots to read. Search whatever comes to your mind.

    I found I had to start my education when I started modding my FZS and it hasn't even started to let up...

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