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    2002 polaris virage Problems

    Ok Maybe yall can help me out I have (2) 2002 polaris virage jetskis they both have problems. One seems kinda simple, It starts up and runs fine BUT you have to have the gas cap loose or off once you tighten the gas cap it dies.

    Now the other one is kinda tricky it turns over but dosent start the guy I bought it off of said he jumped a wave and when it hit the water it just died I took it to a guy to have it looked at he said it was the stator but said he wasn't really for sure but when i got it back for the guy I noticed that the hour meeter read 600+ hours before I took it to him it only had 20 hours on it he claimed the batter shorted it out and they had a recall on sumthing like that but i think he was just trying to save his own ass>

    They both have good compression i had them hook a computer up to them and it dident show any problems at all "so they said" my question is what do yall think is wrong with them and any chance yall know of a good repair shop that wont charge me an arm and a leg to fix them right, around oklahoma or texas area?

    If you have any questions about them or need to know a little more just ask me i will do my best im not very good with these types of things im new to the whole jetski thing but love it now hopefully this year i can get to use them again

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Exactly which model of Virage do you have?
    And are they both the same model?

    Two or three cylinder engines?

    Fuel injected, or carburetor?
    Tip: Carburetor engines have the spark plugs sticking straight up from the top of the engine. Fuel injected engines have the spark plugs angled low towards the air intake.

    When you seal the gas cap, how long does that one run before the problem happens?

    Note: It is possible for the hours counter on the display to run continuously, or get reset unexpectedly.Often there was something funky going on with the battery at the time (like reversed battery connections, or a loose/sparking battery connection).

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    TXI and I the "TXI" is a 3 cylinder and the "I" is a 2 cylinder the TXI is the one with the gas cap problem it dies pretty quick after you tighten it or if you press the throttle kinda like its not getting enough gas 2 the motor might just be a simple clogged filter

    and their both Fuel injected

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboyffa84 View Post
    TXi and i

    the "TXi" is a 3 cylinder and the "i" is a 2 cylinder

    the TXi is the one with the gas cap problem it dies pretty quick after you tighten it or if you press the throttle kinda like its not getting enough gas 2 the motor might just be a simple clogged filter

    and their both Fuel injected
    Check the fuel pressure on each at the schrader valve tee in the return fuel line.

    Fuel pressure should jump up to over 20PSI as soon as the engine starts cranking, and should stay there until the engine stops. The Ficht fuel pumps are electric, located inside the fuel tank.

    Also visually check the fuel lines. Look for kinks, incorrect hose connections.

    You might want to remove the fuel filler hose at the tank and check that the tank doesn't have water in the bottom.

    After confirming the fuel pressure, check the 45 volt injector power. Find a place to tap into the White/Red wires, without unplugging the injectors or anything else. Look for a wire splice connection, and hook up you voltmeter.

    When the engine starts cranking, the voltage on White/Red wires should jump up to over 20 volts. As soon as the engine starts, the voltage should jump again to about 40 volts.

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    Ok I took my jet skis to a dealership in Texas to have them fixed the one that was running till you tighten the gas tank is being a pain in the arse or the guy is trying to screw me.

    At 1st he said it was a easy fix he said the gas lie was clogged and everything needed to be cleaned out I told him ok go for it so he replaced all my fuel lines then he tested it out and said it ran fine then called me back and said it still had problems he told me it could be either one of the two problems
    1. was the start stop switch was bad which was going to cost me 300 dollars to fix
    2. the cbi which would cost me 1300 dollars

    He said he wouldn't know which one it was unless he changed them both. I told him to change the start stop switch and see if it would fix it so he did and he called back and said that wasn't it and told me it might be the emm i have no clue what either one of those are i think he might be screwing me over but not really sure but what do you think?

    I need some help quick before I give him the ok to fix it and is there any chance you know where i can find any of these parts for cheaper or a good price its for a 2002 Polaris Virage Txi 3 cylinder

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    Did you or the Technician check the items I listed previously?

    The EMM has no sensor for fuel tank air pressure, nor does it even sense fuel pressure. The fuel pressure is maintained mechanically by a pressure regulator inside the fuel pump assembly.

    The electric fuel pump just needs to deliver the fuel flow, and maintain the pressure required by the regulator.

    If the regulator has fallen off, you will have very low fuel pressure.

    If the electric fuel pump itself has become weak, you will have low fuel pressure.

    The fuel tank also has a pair of one-way check valves for controlling the fuel tank venting (one valve lets air into the tank, the other allows excess air pressure out). They need to be checked to verify the valves are allowing proper air flow.

    Many service shops are unfamiliar with the Ficht fuel injection system. If they don't service them very often, then the Tech may not be aware of how to diagnose them.

    The Polaris service manuals do not fully cover all the possibilities.

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    Ok i just went threw hell getting my jetskis back form a dealership repair man he had them for 3 months and their still not fixed he put 6k worth of parts on there and i told him to take his parts off and i want my jet skis back that was a month ago he told me i still had to pay 370 dollars to get them back and if i dident i wouldent get them back so i payed him his 370 dollars and he said he would have them done in a week well it went on like that for another month so i went down there today 2 get them and he said they were ready and i check them out and none of the parts were put back on there was water in the bottom of the hull and bolts and springs laying on top of the motor and in the bottom of the hull and the stator was all took apart and i threatened to sue him and he ended up sayin ill fix them and ended up putting all the parts back together now that i have them back i dont know if i should try to have them fixed or sell them their nothin but a big head ache to me.

    I talked to the young guy that helped the machanic and he told me the Virage I has electral problems the stator is no good and when they put a new stator on it the current would only go to the CBI and no further he said id have to buy a new CBI and stator

    The Virage TXI they said it would run 10 mins and just die and i knew that before i took it in he said it was the emm and i need a new emm.

    My question is where can i find these parts for a decent price or should i just sell them for parts or part them out? both of the motors are good and have under 40 hours on them the hulls look good a little faded not but is it worth dumping my money into them?

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    Well, right now I really don't know what you have in those hulls.

    Are both engines fully re-assembled now, or does one or both have some loose or disconnected parts?

    It sounds like your mechanic was not familiar with the Ficht system, and was just throwing new parts at the problem.

    It would be unusual (not impossible, but not common) for both the stator and the EMM to fail at the same time.

    Note: There is no CDI module in a fuel injected Polaris, but some people refer to the EMM as a CDI.

    If you want to try to get one or both PWC fixed, you will need to work through the process. We can not assume anything is as it should be, since there was (apparently) a lot of parts installed and removed.

    On these Ficht engines, the EMM is the core of the system. If the EMM has problems, you can only get so far with diagnostics.

    There are some tests you can do on the components around the EMM. If those tests show good, then the EMM needs to be tested/repaired.

    The EMM itself can be checked, and often repaired, by a company called DFI Technologies. If the EMM you send them is fully functional, the cost for checking it is reasonable. Most DFI repairs cost about $600 per EMM.

    For the cost of shipping the EMM to DFI, you will at least know if the EMM is good or not.

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    Well see he did say sumthing a month ago about her Polaris screwed him on all the parts he bought and how much he spent on them and how now he has all these parts that he cant send back and get his money back on and how no one ever needs them anymore to be honest with you i think he was just trying to pawn off as many parts as he could on me so he could get some of his money back on them, he even tried to charge me 1800 for a new emm plus labor just thinking about it makes me want to knock his ass out or wish i did when i went to pick them up.

    From the looks of it all the parts look attached right and are on there i told him if they wasent on there right or if i have any problems my lawyer would be contacting him with a bill up to 10k and i think he took the hint.

    These are just come of the parts he had on there that he said he tried out on them the ones i could rember

    Cam shaft censer, fuel pump, stator, somthing eles that has to do with the cam shaft there are like 4-7 other parts he put on there that are on the bill i dont have it on me to tell you what all he tried.

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    What a tail!!!!! Just read the whole mess. Are your ski's running?

    I own 2 TXi's and have maintained them over the last 5 years. Live just east of Denton Tx. If you need help or advice, PM me.

    The stator can be checked in a few minutes. Simple pin-out.

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