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    Technical Assistance Needed :)

    Hey guys,

    So today I unwrapped the ski (05 GTX Limited). I put the battery back in & my plan was to run it for a few seconds then change the spark plugs. Well, as soon as I put the battery in & tried to start it the ski shut down.

    Now when I put the key on the screen simply reads "Sea Doo" & nothing else. No beeps & no attempts to start at all. I checked the batt voltage & its okay.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong or what I should check? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for being so vague..

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    load test

    Load test the battery, it may have voltage but no cranking amps. How old is the battey? Are the terminals tight and are all the fuses on the mpem still good??

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    The battery is the original battery from the ski (05) so I guess there's a good chance that's the problem huh?

    The terminals are tight & the fuses are good.

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    Ok, that was going to be my suggestion on the terminals. My wifes did about the same thing. Took her battery off the tender put in tried to start had to jump it then put back on the tender over night hooked into the ski. Check your ground cable as that was where mine was acting up. I did keep my charging leads on too so put them on the top. Make sure there is nothing between the cables and the posts on the battery, ie. no washers.

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