I need a little info and some opinions on what jets I need to run in my carbs. I could also use some help with the high and low screw adjustment. I'm pretty new to tuning 2-strokes, so I might need some help with this one!

Heres my setup:

`97 XP w/787 overbored 1mm freshly rebuilt (It's actually a `96 case)
Buckshot intake w/0.625" high spacers for the carbs
Stock carbs.... I think they are the 40s with the accel pump
Changed all the fuel lines
Sanded the insides of the exhaust manifold and both halves of the tuned pipe for better flow.
K&N spark arrestor... It's the one that covers both carbs.
Oil pump removed and blocked off (Going pre-mix)

I haven't fired it up yet becuase I'm still waiting on a few things. I would like to get some break-in oil from Dumonde, but it looks like the lead time on this might be a week or so. I've heard of people using mineral oil for break-in... Anyone ever tried it? Any other suggestions of something that I could get locally? I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I used 10W-30 oil in the CB cavity and to lube everything durring assembly. What should be the mix ratio for my break-in oil if I am doing premix?