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    1989-91 Seadoo SP Mods

    I just picked up an old 89 SP yellow motor that needed a little work. I got an aftermarket rev limiter so i can get a little more RPM out of the engine and I was wondering what other mods I can do. I know there isn't a whole lot bolt on wise but I know I can probably shave the rotary plate a little and play with port timing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also are there any bolt on mods I can use? Has anyone ever used one of these rev limiters?

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    I have all bolt on mods to my 90. I used a 92 XP as a guide for the mods.

    bigger carb or dual carb & K&N filter, tuned pipe and short waterbox, different prop. You can just get a 147 RV and not mess with shaving yours.

    ride-plate and sponsons are very helpfull as well

    didn't mess with rev limiter

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