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    Exhaust leak...

    I've misplaced my manual when we remodeled and a search didn't seem to answer this. I have a pretty good exhaust leak on the '98 GSXL at the joint where the spring clamp is located. The round peace of copper is in place. Is there a sequence in tightening things? I loosened up the bolts going into the manifold and the mount on the pipe to the motor. Looks like the lips on both piped are in the grove of the clamp but still leaking. Should the pipe be loose from everything when tightening the clamp?Thanks.

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    There are free manuals available online. Look at the stiky's.

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    I put Hi- temp RVT sealant in leaks so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrunchovXPL-GTX-RX View Post
    There are free manuals available online. Look at the stiky's.

    This one seems pretty detailed. Thanks.

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