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    MoTeC Kits now available

    New product release: Hydrospace PWC Plug-In ECU kit
    MoTeC is proud to announce the release of the new
    PWC (Personal WaterCraft) Plug-In ECU solution suitable for Hydrospace S4 craft.

    The kit consists of a new, fully polyurethane-potted version of the M400 ECU, a mounting kit and an
    installation set which includes the adaptor loom. The Marine ECU is specifically suited to the PWC
    environment. All functional features are the same as the standard M400 ECU.
    A base engine map needs to be included, while ECU upgrades like Wideband Lambda and 512 kB
    Logging are optional.

    The Hydrospace PWC Plug-In ECU solution is available now.
    Specifications are available in the datasheet CDS13044, downloadable from the website

    Base Engine Maps
    Depending on the customer's requirement and PWC configuration, a suitable base map must be
    loaded in the Marine ECU. These will be made available from the MoTeC website at

    When downloading the base engine maps, you must read the info to check if the map is suitable
    for the application. If unsure, please contact [email protected] for confirmation.
    Detailed installation instructions can be found in the PWC Plug-In ECU manual, available from

    Software Required
    ECU Manager V3.52P or later
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