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    New member. I need advise and a starter.

    I have a 97 STX 1100. A few years ago the bendix went out. I pulled the motor and carried it to a shop to get the flywheel pulled so I could change it. The thing that feeds the oil to the carbs I guess is mounted on the front of the flywheel cover. When I put it all back on it started running very sluggish and fouling plugs a lot. Looks like it's dumping way too much oil??? Is that thing supposed to be clocked or jetted or something? Should I just plug it off and mix my gas/oil before I put it in the ski? I also need a starter for it. I tried posting in the classifieds but it won't let me.

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    I can't remember if the oil pump on that was a fixed ratio or variable ratio. If it has a pulley & cable on the front of it, check to see that the pulley turns and that the cable hasn't fallen off.

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    Try E-bay for the starter or John Zigler. Sorry, cant help on the oil pump 'cause I don't know.

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    Id pull it and run premix

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