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    WTB: MSX150 pump extension, common problem?

    I am looking for a pump extension 5134562 for a '04 MSX150. Anyone have one?

    My pump was locked up after sitting a while (long story) and it appears a bubble or ridge formed where the stainless metal delaminated??? Anyone else had that problem?

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    Without cross checking the part number, that would be a standard 4 inch jet pump extension ring.

    They are the same size in all Polaris models years, but some are solid stainless steel, others are aluminum (with a stainless liner? )

    For the liner type, especially in salt water, corrosion can develop between the layers, and create a bump.

    Doesn't have to be from an MSX. You can use the link above to check what other models used the same part number

    Have a look in the Polaris Classifieds, and you might want to contact John Zigler.

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    Thanks for the interchange info. I found that out too after nosing around, but it is also good to have it validated.

    That is what must have happened to mine as it was in salt water. Hard to believe water could get in there and oxidize it like that.

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