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    00' Gti Wont Crank

    Even when i put a lil fuel in carb or jugs it wont start. Its strange because I have spark. Is it possible to not have enough spark?

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    check the electrode wear on the spark plugs. the electrode should have a 90 degree angle on the outside on the electrode , if it is rounded then the electrode is worn and they wont spark as good as they r suppost to. always start with the easist things when trouble shooting

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    Brand new spark plugs. Gapped to .020

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    Anyway to check the cdi?

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    No way to check the CDI. It either works or it doesnt. What is the history of this ski? what have you done to it since it has ran last?

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    Air, fuel, ignition spark/timing, and compression is what you need for it to run. Low compression it will not run. OR, if you have flooded the crankcase with too much gas.

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    OK well yesterday it fires up out of no where. It fires everytime and runs fine on the house pipe. Today I go out and it does the same stuff. ( Turning over but no fire.) I swapped the cdi with another ski and still nothing. I dont know much about this skis history because I just bought it.

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    Just check the compression and its good but I did notice the plugs are pretty drenched in fuel. Could something in the carb be sticking and flooding the motor?

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    might have leakt needle a seats

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    Ok well yesterday after getting it in the water and finally getting it to start it idles but after getting it to plain out it shuts off. Plus its really hard to start. I have already cleaned carb filter, fuel selector, and replaced all fuel hoses.Anyone got any ideas?

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