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Thread: Chip Repair

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    Chip Repair

    After my little beaching incident, sent my prop off for repair. Found a few chips Whats the best way to repair, Heard MarineTex mentioned before, or should i get a tube of gelcoat filler...? rsParts_Vehicles_BoatEquipment_Accessories_SM?hash =item5ad30a84d8)

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    i used a gel coat filler which was clear. sanded it down lightly! then airbrushed black urethane paint over it(black ski) thinned out with lacquer thinner and wet sanded it down. turned out great

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    Those arent too bad so I would use a gel coat repair kit.

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    Talking Marine tex

    I just used Marine Tex myself, that stuff is wonderful! your chips look way smaller than mine, so gel coat repair might be an easier route for you.

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