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    afr meter when modding....


    who actually uses a afr meter when modding there ski?... i have a stage 1 kit on my ski and now want to go further but want to do it safely so do i need one?

    thanks ian

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    Mac you already know my views on this so i will go first

    Our cooler temp in the UK will mean the AFR differs from the USA guys a lot, so i dont think we can use there figure/reading for wheels ect once past a psi range...yes for some of the smaller suff but who want guess work involved with a sho engine...

    personaly i will not go any further than my stage 1 without AFR meter but that just me(lots do and are fine), and i will ride on the safe side and have piece of mind knowing im not causing damage to my baby...

    the question is for £200 can you afford not to ...

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