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    compression test

    Hi Lads
    going looking at a 2002 1200XLT 60 hours,What is the correct procedure for carrying out compression test, and what are good readings.


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    I think I have been here long enough to say this.....


    There will be tons of posts on this.


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    Personally, i take all 3 plugs out when testing. Place spark plug wires were they will not arc on anything,including yourself. Hold throttle all the way open, crank the engine till max compression is reached. Document all 3 cylinders then re-test again to make sure the test was good. If you have an aftermarket tach, it should show +/- 440rpm if battery is good.
    Its very important to use a good compression tester like Snap On,Mac,Matco etc....
    Cheaper testers can show lower readings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taza View Post
    Hi Lads
    going looking at a 2002 1200XLT 60 hours,What is the correct procedure for carrying out compression test, and what are good readings.

    I have a xl1200 and it has 275hour on hull and 75hour on 1300pv rebuild, compression should not have more then +/-10lb between cylinders and you can tell alot on 2 strokes just by reading the plugs, they do have carb. problems do to water in fuel and poor maintenance,(these carb. ski with a lot of age tend to have carb. problems and get water in the fuel/carbs, do to condensation in plastic fuel tank and poor fuel cap location), to me if the owners are using yamalube oil 2w injection, its a good sign. I have two skis a 2000 xl1200 and a fx sho, if set up right and you know how to wrench on 2 strokes its a pretty dam good ski

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    I have not found that haveing all the plugs out in or throttle position has much to do with my garage testing. One thing for sure is how fast your starter is spinning your fly wheel. Low charge = lower compression . Like others have said 10% difference between cylinders is the general rule.

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    turn the fuel off when doing a compression check especially if you take all three plugs out or you will get a nice fuel/oil mist in your face.

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