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    MSX150 Creamy Oil & Hard to start when hot

    Hi Guys,

    I got my MSX 150 last year (2004) with no previous servive history, 130hrs on the clock. Had some problems with revs limited at 6700-6750 but for me its ok at the moment.

    Did my first service 3 days ago, oil, oil filter and spark plug change. However I have noticed that:
    1. the oil filter had small 2-3mm hard parts stuck in the filter, black. No shiny metal pieces. wondering what this is.
    2. after the service I noticed thick creamy white/light brown oil on the top of the oil tank, just where one pours the oil in. However the oil on the dip stick looks ok.
    3. Now the machine need 3-4 turns to get it started. Espically difficult to start when hot. I did not check the spark plug gap, however I assumed that spacing is correct. Got plugs as recommeded by service manual.

    Any thoughts?


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    You need to read up on the Weber motor regarding those symptoms.

    Start with the link below, and search and read the threads here in the MSX/Matrix and Polaris General Discussion sections.

    Creamy oil sounds like water or coolant is mixing with the oil - not good.

    Do you know about the correct oil levels for the Weber motor? The dipstick markings are misleading.

    What do you mean "Had some problems with revs limited at 6700-6750 but for me its ok at the moment"?
    Does/did the engine achieve full RPM in the water, or not?

    How much metal debris did you find, all told. Does it look like pieces of a bearing or a piston or piston ring?

    What is the compression in each cylinder?

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