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Thread: no fire

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    no fire

    I have a polaris virage 2 cycle was riding then died no fire what to do.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Try testing the elec. stator.

    Instructions are in the tech section under domestic electrical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHEATHAM View Post
    what is the stator?

    we are new at this my hubby took of the coil...
    Click the link below for lots of info

    Let's keep your repair questions in this thread in the General Discussion section

    Exactly which model year and model do you have?
    The model year is the last two digits of the HIN number plate on the rear deck.

    For specific tests on the magneto stator, have a look here;
    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    Polaris domestic engine Ignition System Update Kits

    All 1996-1999 two and three cylinder carburetor engines [excludes all 1999 1200(1165cc) engines]
    Kit part numbers 2873091, 2873022, 2873355, 2873356
    2873022 1996-1997 Hurricane and twin carburetor 1998-1999
    2873355 1996-1997 twin carburetor except Hurricane
    2873091 1996-1998 three cylinder 900cc and 1050cc engines
    2873356 1999 1050cc three cylinder engines only
    The original factory ignition in these 1996-1999 engines was not reliable over time, so Polaris issued ignition update kits.
    '...It WILL fail eventually...'
    Each kit includes an updated CDI module, magneto stator, and for the two cylinder engines a new Ignition Coil.

    You can check whether you already have the update by checking your CDI part number.
    CDI part number 4010885, may actually be 4010447 (900 & 1050 Ignition Update Kit 2873091)
    Apparently the better choice for all 1996-1999 two cylinder engines is the Hurricane update kit 2873022

    Once you install the ignition update kit, you must use 2000 and later Service Manual specs when diagnosing the ignition system and stator coils.

    How do I tell whether I have an updated or original type domestic ignition?
    What does a non-updated two cylinder Ignition coil look like?
    How do I test old and new domestic red engine CDI, Magneto and Ignition coils?

    My ohm-meter measurements don't exactly agree with the service manual specifications. Is this OK?

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